Why A Cash House Buyer In Cambridge Is More Reliable Than A Real Estate Agent

5 Signs You Would Be Better Off Selling Your Kitchener House to a Direct Buyer Instead of Hiring an Agent

Selling your home is a big decision. Selecting the best method for your specific property and unique personal circumstances, either on your own or with a real estate agent, is one option. The other is selling directly to a professional investor. The best choice depends on many factors and can mean the difference between earning a profit or losing thousands on a deal. In this article, we will take you through reasons why a cash house buyer in Cambridge is the better choice for you instead of a real estate agent.

While most homeowners are familiar with the traditional real estate listing process, many simply are unaware of the many benefits of a direct sale. If you’re ready to sell, read on to discover the benefits of selling your house to a cash house buyer in Cambridge.


One significant indication that you would be better off selling your house to a cash house buyer in Cambridge instead of hiring an agent is if the thought of showings turns you off. If visualizing dozens of strangers wandering through your home through online virtual tours, or even worse, in person, makes you shudder, you’re not alone. Many people are not open to the disruptions that showings cause to their everyday life, living at the convenience of others instead. When you work with a cash house buyer company like Ontario Property Buyers, the public will never view the interior, so you will never have to worry about showings.


Another sign you may be better off selling your home to a cash house buyer in Cambridge instead of hiring an agent is if the style of the home is outdated. Many buyers have specific home requirements, and if the property doesn’t meet them all, the buyers simply move on. Updating the house may require serious renovations that could run into the thousands. Their checklists typically include items such as technological conveniences with modern wiring for multiple devices, space for at least one home office, classroom areas, and private outdoor recreational space with amenities such as pools. If your home just doesn’t stand up to the current demands of buyers, reach out to professional cash house buyers like Ontario Property Buyers.


If you have concerns about passing an inspection, this may just be a hint that you should consider selling your Cambridge house to a cash house buyer instead of hiring an agent. Homes listed on the market that require repairs typically linger on the market, costing the owner money as the bills pile up. The final sales price is commonly severely discounted to a bargain amount when homes in serious need of repairs sell through the standard listing process on MLS. You can leave the worries about finding a good contractor, living in a construction zone, all of the expenses of making repairs, and the costs of holding the property until it’s ready to sell behind by selling to a professional investor. Cash house buyer companies such as Ontario Property Buyers whose passion is helping their local communities while rehabbing properties in Cambridge are your best bet at obtaining a good deal for your house.

Controlling the Closing Date

Suppose your life calls for you to have control of the closing date, whether closing works for you within days or you need the closing delayed for several months. Such cases are strong indicators that you would be better off selling your house in Cambridge to a cash house buyer instead of hiring an agent. With traditional listings, you wait for the buyer, then you wait for the inspection, appraisal, underwriters, approvals, and the list just goes on. The bottom line is, the closing date is out of your hands. Not only that, closing is not even promised when you work with a real estate agent. The agent may never bring you a buyer that can close successfully. A cash house buyer company like Ontario Property Buyers can guarantee your closing date, which means you can rest easy because of the power of cash. A cash house buyer won’t be moving into the property and can thus be flexible, i.e. you can set the closing date at your convenience.

Commissions and Listing Expenses

Suppose you just cannot bring yourself to pay an excessive commission or worry about all of the fees and costs of listing, such as marketing, photography, and staging and handling the paperwork yourself. This points towards your selling your house in Cambridge to a cash house buyer as a better solution than hiring an agent. With a direct sale, you skip all of the costs and fanfare that goes with listing a home, and you get your fair offer all in one fell swoop. Saving you money on prepping to sell, not making any upgrades or repairs, or holding on waiting for buyers that never come is how a company like Ontario Property Buyers saves you time and money.

Are you ready to sell now? Selling your Cambridge house to a cash house buyer in Cambridge is the best choice when you want to save time and money. Call Ontario Property Buyers at 226-778-8950 or send us a message today!

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