Why Is It Difficult to Sell My House in Brantford?

When you want to sell your home, it is essential to consider what could make a bad presentation in the eyes of your buyers and take steps to do whatever is possible to rectify the issue. Read on if you have been wondering ‘why is it difficult to sell my house in Brantford?’ 

Cosmetic Flaws

While it is difficult to imagine, minor cosmetic flaws are surprising things that can make it tough to sell your house in Brantford. Buyers rarely can look past what are considered minor cosmetic fixes and typically move on to other properties. These issues could range from unique paint colour selections to odd colours of carpeting. However, a quick touch of paint for a refresh and less expensive repairs to enhance the presentation can help sell the home. If time is an issue, working with a cash house buyer from Ontario Property Buyers means a fast closing, typically in a matter of days.


Have you been wondering if ‘the smell may be a reason why I can’t sell my house in Brantford‘? Believe it or not, you are right! Every house has a smell. If there are strong odors from cooking or pets, an unpleasant smell is another surprising thing that can make it problematic to sell your house. Those who are willing to overlook these things will expect deep discounts for cleaning or replacing the carpet. Whether cages and food bowls are in place, the best option is to make the home appear pet-free. If removing the pets while the house is listed is not an option for you, consider selling directly to Ontario Property Buyers and skipping the showings altogether.


Your neighbours may be yet another problem, which is a surprise that can make it challenging to sell your house. The issue could be a personal dispute or overgrown landscaping and a generally unkempt appearance, or the neighbors may simply be very loud. Despite installing the best fence available between yards, you cannot keep the sound of constantly barking dogs from reaching the ears of buyers as they walk through your home. If you’re in a position where you have tried, and there is nothing you can do about your neighbours, let a professional help. At Ontario Property Buyers, we have dealt with every kind of neighbour there is.


If you have been thinking that ‘this mold is why I can’t sell my house in Brantford’, then you are not wrong! While it may not come immediately to mind when you set about selling your home, mold is one of the most surprising things that can make it troublesome to sell your home. Mold is also one of the most feared issues with a home due to the health risks it can pose for the occupants. If you want to avoid the mold remediation process, you will likely need to sell the house as-is to a seller willing to tackle the project. At Ontario Property Buyers, we buy houses as-is for cash, so there is no need to worry about your buyer qualifying for financing.


A pre-inspection is a wise move to avoid something surprising that can make it challenging to sell your house. However, unless you can afford the time and expense, or you just do not have the inclination to make the repairs, you may want to sell the house as-is without an inspection contingency if a significant issue is detected. In that case, the buyers will assume the worst-case scenario and make insultingly low offers if any offers come in at all. 

The easy way to sell your house in Brantford is selling directly to Ontario Property Buyers. We will make you an offer you’ll agree is fair because Ontario Property Buyers wants you to feel good about the deal. Call Ontario Property Buyers at 226-778-8950 or send us a message today to learn how we can help solve your problems!

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