Seller Story #1

Seller Story #1
Sebastian Jania:
Hey guys, Sebastian Jania here with Ontario Property Buyers! I just wanted share to with you the story of a seller we met with recently and how we managed to find them a unique solution for their needs.

Our seller Carol and her boyfriend are looking to move to Nova Scotia, and they had a property that they’re looking to close on within the next two months or so. This is why they reached out to us. That’s a unique situation because, A) they’re looking to move away pretty quickly and, B) this is a turnkey property, so it is a different scenario than the usual fixer upper property. And obviously, every scenario we encounter is unique in its own way, and we’re here to provide a unique solution.

So, Carol and her boyfriend were looking to move away, didn’t want to list on the MLS because of all the fees they would incur. For this particular property, it would be probably 40 – $50,000. This includes staging fees, realtor commissions, different closing costs, and getting all these things together meant that whatever price they listed it for on the MLS, they’d probably lose 50 grand on that. And so we were able to give them a unique proposition, which was to offer them a little bit lower than the asking price they would have on the MLS, however, through that, we were able to save them 50 grand on commissions. Through this proposition they would managed to net more in their pocket than they would have at that price. And in the meantime, we could find them a buyer who was interested in their property, which was a turnkey duplex in the Cambridge market.

So by offering them a little bit less than the asking price they would have listed for on the MLS, we actually helped them to keep even more in their pockets, and the buyer got a little bit of a discounted property too. By dealing directly with a private buyer and avoiding the endless bidding wars, Carol got to avoid having a ton of home showings, and having to reorganize her whole life to accommodate that. So we managed to create a win-win with Carol and her boyfriend, and they’re so happy with what we’ve been able to do with them.

We’ll be putting out more videos like this to share with you guys about how we are truly creating unique solutions to unique situations. Hope to see you guys soon. Once again, my name is Sebastian Jania, with Ontario Property Buyers. Hope you guys are doing great and talk to you soon.

Every situation is unique. In this Seller Story Sebastian talks about a recent seller named Carol. Carol was looking to move to Nova Scotia and sell her duplex in Cambridge privately. She reached out to Ontario Property Buyers to help.

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