Seller Story #2

Seller Story #2
Sebastian Jania:
Hey guys, Sebastian Jania here with Ontario Property Buyers. I wanted to tell you another seller story of a seller that we’re actually currently helping out to provide them a unique solution to their situation. Just to give you a background about them, this is a couple who have been married for quite a long time. They’ve been living in a house in Cambridge. To give you a bit of a breakdown on their story, the woman, has osteoporosis, and the husband, he’s been living in that property for a long time. It was actually a family member that had built that house and so, it’s a generational house with a lot of sentimental value.

She, because of her osteoporosis is looking for a house with a lot less stairs, probably the best option for her would be a bungalow. She would also like to move to the east as that’s where some of her family members have been able to get a lot cheaper housing. The house itself needs a lot of work. And in her particular case, she is not really willing to put in the time into those renovations. They’ve been slowly coming along, but it’s going to take probably about $100,000 to do those renovations.

And so for them, it’s a lot of work. They’ve been trying to do it themselves, but ultimately the best solution for them would be to have someone do it and take it off their hands as is. In the meantime, we’ve come up with a couple of unique proposals. There are some situations where we will offer just cash on the property and look to pick it up as is. In this situation, because we’ve managed to get to know them a little bit more, we’ve found out that the husband’s biggest concern with moving away is not having worked long enough for a sufficient retirement. We’ve started to think, “How can we strategically both get a property for our team and also meet their needs and assist them with retirement?” And so, to give you an idea of what sort of solutions we’ve managed to come up with them, here’s just one of them. And I’ll provide a list of a couple of different ways, because maybe one of these applies to you as well.

In this case, they’ve already paid down their house fully, so they do not have any financial challenges. What that means is that they are able to be essentially a lender of the equity that they have in the house for our team. We’re able to pay them a high interest and they’re able to get a consistent monthly income to use asa retirement. We can buy the property from them, pay them out a certain amount of money in cash, and then provide them a consistent monthly income.

The second option is that they sell their house fully to us in cash, buy themselves a house in Nova Scotia, where they’re looking to go out east, and then reinvest the money with our team on additional property purchases. So again, they buy a house for themselves and they get that consistent monthly income as essentially they become a bank for our team. It’s another win-win.

The third proposal that we’ll be talking about is the option for them to stay living in that house at a closing date that works for them. So we would leave that open, completely flexible. And if they want to move away a year from now, they can do that. We just sign up a contract with them at a price that we’ll purchase the house for. When they move out, we’ll pay them that amount of money in cash. That gives them the flexibility to be sure that they have all their ducks in a row, and they’re able to move away comfortably.

And the fourth solution that we’re proposing to them, to again, see how we can help them is to have them stay in that house and us in the meantime, to have the option to build two additional houses in their deep lot and be able to split the sale proceeds on all of those house builds with them, and actually make them a lot of money in the process. So that option is a very unique one because there are no other professional home buyers providing solutions like that, where they’re actually willing to help the seller out by making the seller more money in other ways.

So when we offer them four unique solutions, they know that we’re able to help them in this case. We’re very excited to work with them and see if one of these solutions will work. I’m very confident it will. I look forward to being able to assist them. And if you happen to know anyone who’s also looking to sell a property as is in the area, we’re always willing to work with them, to craft up a unique solution to their unique situation.

Take care of guys. Looking forward to showing you some more videos down the line.
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