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Our team of professional cash house buyers is proficient in buying houses all over Cambridge, amongst most of the other areas in Ontario. We promise our network a unique alternative to selling their homes in the traditional way, which includes either listing with a real estate agent on the MLS or attempting to sell on their own. Our process and unique approach make us stand out in the world of real estate. Read on to find out how we, at Ontario Property Buyers, are changing the real estate game when we buy houses in Cambridge.

Local Knowledge

Every time we buy houses in Cambridge, we ensure that we work directly with you, our client, as we are also a part of your community. This contrasts sharply with online transactions you may do with investors who have never been part of the Cambridge community and hence do not know have a personal connection with the city. At Ontario Property Buyers, we are fully invested in enhancing our local neighbourhoods, one property at a time.

The work we do every day increases the employment opportunities that are available in Cambridge, boosting the market value as well. Armed with local knowledge, our experienced team is transforming real estate in Cambridge.

Forming Personal Relationships

There are a lot of challenges you may face when selling your home by listing it on the MLS or using any other traditional modes of selling. Listing on the MLS will require you to pay high commissions and prepare your house for showings. It also means that you may have to pay holding costs and get expensive repairs done. Selling on the MLS can also take a considerable amount of time, which does not include the time it will take for you to get your money. If, on the other hand, you are trapped holding a property that you inherited but do not want, you may be stuck researching about how to sell your inherited house, wasting precious time on the unfruitful search.

At Ontario Property Buyers, we understand what you concerns are, and no matter what your situation may be, when we buy houses in Cambridge, we take the time to listen to your unique situation to assist you in any way possible. Your concerns may include time constraints, financial or personal challenged, or the repairs that you are required to make before you can sell your property. Part of our goal is to educate our prospective sellers about potential decisions they can make when it comes to their properties, no matter what the situation may be.

Consider All Options

When you are in the process of selling your property, our team at Ontario Property Buyers assists you in perusing all possible options that are available to you, as we want you to be confident and comfortable about the home selling method you choose. Every time we meet with sellers, we bring to the forefront all factors that need to be considered, explaining every step involved in the process. We promise full transparency when it comes to you working with us to sell your home. We ensure that you have completely knowledge about all options that are available to you, thus transforming the face of real estate in Cambridge when we buy houses in Cambridge.

We Bring Convenience To Your Door

We value convenience for our sellers, which is yet another reason why we are changing the real estate game in Cambridge. When you work with us to sell your home, we ensure that the process is fast and efficient. You can avoid all of the hassles that come with showings, listings, repairs, and negotiations if you choose the one-stop-shop solution our team at Ontario Property Buyers offers. We can take your home off of your hands quickly, closing on your property in as little as 7 days, hence making the entire process painless for you. 

Flexibility With The Closing Date

We offer our sellers the option to choose a closing date of their own choosing. This flexibility in selecting a date that is suitable for you means that you do not have to worry about having to arrange for temporary accommodations while you look for your next home. Working with Ontario Property Buyers makes the entire process easy for you, also giving you the option to leave anything behind that you do not want to move for us to tackle. Our professionals will take care of the tidying up for you!

At Ontario Property Buyers, our focus is on helping you, the seller, resolve your real estate dilemmas. Our professional team ensures that we are up to date with the market as we want to show our continued dedication to meeting your real estate needs. We buy houses in Cambridge, interacting with the Cambridge real estate market daily, thus ensuring that our help is the best that is available to you all across the province.

If you are ready to sell your property without any hassles or if you have any questions, send us a message or call us now at 226-778-8950!

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